Arts and Sciences ... the way we lived.

Arts and Sciences conprises all of the activities that made up the civilization that was the Middle Ages. We re-create (through experimental archaeology) the tools, techniques, recipes and dance styles that existed, many of which have been lost to time. This Knighthood Track (for you can indeed earn a knighthood this way) is the most varied in all of Avalon.

Activities included in A&S inclue but are not limited to:

It is true that there are a few aspects of the Middle Ages lifestyle that we do not recreate. The Plague, executions, torture, arranged marriage - - these we tend to avoid like... well... like the plague! This is not our way of life, it is a hobby, and as such we avoid those activities of the Middle Ages that were less than enjoyable.

Competition and Knighthood

A&S competitions are held often at events throughout the year and the country. At these competitions your entry is evaluated by a gathering of peers who score it based on your level of difficulty, knowledge of the subject area, and degree of period correctness. Comments and suggestions are often given, but they will always be constructive, you need not fear having your entry (or you) being belittled. You are then given a score. These scores are used to earn your points towards a Knighthood.

Throughout the year and the country we have gatherings, also referred to as events or wars, where we get together to show our projects, shoot archery, engage in friendly combat, and enjoy each others' company.

While we strive to make our camps and our appearances at these events as historically correct as possible, no one is ever turned away or denied entry for not having period clothing or camping equipment. We all start somewhere, and in the words of our first king, King Phaelan, "I fully expect new members to show up in tee shirts, jeans and sneakers. What we're looking for is a gradual improvement towards periodness." In Avalon you will find many people willing to help teach you the arts and the sciences that make Medieval re-creation possible and fun.

Arts and Sciences has the quality of having something for everyone to do. It comprises so much of the period it is one of the most important elements of our society. In studying topics in A&S you will be surprised to find many modern things having their basis in the Middle Ages. So many things fall into this category that you may find yourself doing A&S projects without even realizing you're doing it.