Western Martial Arts.

The Realms of Avalon combat system is not choreographed (acted), it is martial combat where the combat is LIVE and the weapons are REAL. when you begin training, you will learn the skills it took for the medieval warriors to survive. You will fight against and alonside those you train with both in one-on-one combat and is massive battles called melees. In this lies the song of victory and the sting of defeat. Do you have the competitive spirit? An interest in medieval weapons? The thirst to know just what you could have accomplished had you been born in an earlier time? If so, then read on, fellow warrior!

We have two main combat tracks: Renaissance Combat (aka Rapier) and Armoured Weapons (such as Longsword, Axe and Polearms). Armoured Weapons also has three progression stages: Light Weapons, Waster, then Steel. These will be explained in more detail below.

Renaissance (Rapier)

Rapier combat is our late period combat, utilizing weapons available to the nobility, merchants, and other well-to-dos of the mid 1500's through 1603. While the primary weapon is the Rapier, we also use weapons such as: as well as other fun and exotic weapons.

Rapier training is both a challenging and extremely fun experience. It can take as little as ten hours of training to begin competing in tournaments and melees, but it truly takes a lifetime to master.

If movies such as "The Three Musketeers" and "Man In the Iron Mask" gave you thrills, rapier combat may be the place for you, although be warned that the combat is MUCH more realistic.

Light Armoured Weapons

Light Armoured Weapons is the first level in the Armoured Combat Track, and your first step toward Full Armor and Steel.

Avalon currently uses shinai to simulate mass strike weapons (such as Longswords, Shortswords and Backswords) that were used in the earlier periods of the Middle Ages all the way through the early Renaissance. It is often used in tandem with a full shield. Like Rapier, Light Armoured Weapons takes little training time to qualify to compete in tourneys and melee combat, but it is only the beginning, laying the foundation for the future challenges of Waster and Steel.

Waster Combat

Waster is the second level of the Armoured Track. The weapons are bigger and more diverse, the armour is HEAVIER and much more time-period correct, as are the techniques used.

Waster sets aside the shinai and uses weapons made of padding and rattan, which gives a more realistic weight, feel, and impact. This allows us to simulate more of the period weapons such as Axe and Polearms. By this point in your training, you should have the skill and endurance to safely compete with the heavier and wider assortment of weapons.

Steel Combat

Steel is the final level in the Armoured Combat Track. To begin Steel training you must be a Knight of Avalon in the Combat Track. To compete, you must test and qualify as safe. Why all the work? Because we are using the real thing at this level. The armour, the weapons, the style of combat is all authentic and LIVE.

Getting to this level takes skill and hard work. It takes years of dedicated practice and honing of your skills. Think you've got what it takes? Don't be left wondering... take up the sword and join us!