Manuals, Brochures and Forms:

and List Sheets

  • Universal Event/Activity Sign-in and Waiver: PDF
  • Archery List - Longbow: PDF
  • Archery List - Crossbow: PDF
  • Arts & Sciences List: PDF
  • Universal Combat List: PDF
  • Dance List: (coming...)


  • Membership Form (current): PDF
  • Waiver for Minors/Dependants/Non-Members: PDF
  • Heraldic Device Registration: PDF
  • Heraldic Badge Registration: PDF
  • Heraldic Crest & Supporter Registration: PDF
  • Steward's Worksheet: PDF
  • Funds Received Form: PDF
  • Purchase Authorization: PDF
  • Reimbursement Request: PDF
  • Universal Minister Report: PDF

Manuals and Guidebooks

  • Avalon Heraldic Ordinary: PDF
  • Avalon Charge Ordinary: PDF
  • Making Combat Arrows for Combat Archery: PDF
  • Heraldry Manual: PDF

The following manuals are being updated. Please email for a draft copy.
  • Main Manual
  • Codicils
  • New Members' Guidebook
  • Archery Manual
  • Combat Manual
  • Rolls Manual
  • Sherrif/Constable Manual
  • Steward's Manual
  • A&S Manual
  • Marshalling Manual
  • Codex Adjudica
  • Book of Sample Ceremonies

Recruiting and Demonstration Materials

  • Interest Inventory: PDF
  • Mailing List Sign-Up Sheet (coming...)
  • Tri-Fold Brochure: PDF
  • Demo Booklet: An Introduction to Avalon Re-enactment: PDF
  • Poster: "Got Medieval?": PDF
  • Poster: "Fight Like a Girl": PDF

Legal Stuff

  • Corporate By-Laws: PDF
  • Proof of Member Insurance Email:
  • Proof of Liability Insurance Email:


Q.What is Medieval Re-enactment?

A.Medieval and Renaissance re-enactment is the active study of historical subjects and skills. This means that instead of just reading about activities or skills used in the past, we actually do them. In physically re-enacting these activities and environments we learn more, and have a lot of FUN, too! Think of it as "experimental archaeology."

Q.Who Can Play?

A. We are a family centered organization where anyone and everyone can play and learn at our events! Of course, minors require parental permission to attend events and engage in some activities, but there are many different things for kids and adults to learn. A lot of members join as a family, from kids to grandparents. No matter your age, you are likely to meet someone to be friends and learn with.

Q.How Do We Learn?

A.There are many different ways to learn. One of the best is to just show up to whatever activity sounds interesting, and see what folks are doing. Then you can ask people questions. Everyone is more than happy to offer help in showing you what they are doing, and even getting you started on your own projects or needs.

If you really want to learn more about certain skills or areas of history, then there are also more formal exchanges of knowledge where those who "know" and those who "want to know" work together. Guilds are groups of people who study and promote certain skills and activities. Pages, Apprentices and Squires are people who assist someone with advanced learning in exchange for long-term, one-on-one direct training. If you want to learn, this is the place!

Q.What Do We Do?

A.Local and regional chapters gather on a regular basis. There are candlelight feasts with historical foods, historically themed campouts, workshops on skills or topics, competitions in skills, lectures and movie nights, practice sessions on things like combat, dancing, and archery... and just about any type of historically themed gathering that sounds fun.

When we gather together we wear historical costumes, use historically based tools and equipment and supplies, and even adopt the identity of someone who might have lived in history. Part of the fun is learning how to make your gear - - or you can buy, barter, or trade your stuff with someone else. there will be plenty of people around happy to help you get started.