Here are a few pictures and a video of Avalon folks doing what we do. There are so many pics for me to choose from, there will be more coming soon!

Here is a series of very short clips of people trying their hands at archery during "Shoot the Knight" at MisCon 24. Helping the archers is Dame Ruth, and the two targets (Knights) were James Albert and Eric.

Lady Genrose and Lord Aldun watch the fighting.

Medieval combat training drills.

Chain maile in progress and other items of everyday life in Avalon.

Never too early to begin training!

Two of Avalon's founders, Ruth and Phaelan, put on armour and prepare for battle.

An Avalon fashion show, complete with runway and gorgeous model!

Eric and James prepare to take on some archers at MisCon 24!

Dame Elspeth marshals a fencing bout.

There was a discussion panel on the topic "What is Chivalry?" at Golden Harvest War in 2005. This video was taken at that discussion, and is to me a cornerstone example of Chivalry in Avalon. It is in four parts, filmed in night vision and linked here in order.

Part One:

Part Three:

Part Two:

Part Four:

Check back for more pictures and videos!